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Child Care Center Rockledge

When you are searching for a childcare facility for your children it is necessary to find a place that is not only affordable and accommodating but a place where your child will be enriched. Here at Precious Collections LLC, we are more than just a childcare facility; we are a place of learning. Located in Rockledge, Florida, we extend service to parents throughout our community and the surrounding areas.

Precious Collections LLC is a licensed and certified center with well-trained and experienced teachers and staff. Not only do we offer general child care but we offer VPK classes and summer care services. Our focus is providing the best care for your pride and joy; contact us today for registration information!

At Precious Collections LLC our services expand well beyond typical childcare services. We are committed to providing the most safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for your children. More than a traditional childcare provider, consider us a facility where your child receives the highest quality of learning with a wide range of curriculum and activities. Each curriculum is meticulously designed for the educational enrichment of each child admitted to our facility.  In addition, we are well equipped with the highest standards of safety and security both indoors and outdoors and a quality kitchen that serves hot meals.

Develop a ‘total child’

Our primary goal at Precious Collections LLC is to help children develop cognitively, emotionally, physically and explore their creativity. Most importantly, we help them adapt socially so that they grow into well rounded individuals.  Our protocol for development includes appropriate materials, equipment, and activities in which children can nurture, learn, and explore various areas so that they become successful, confident, and lifelong learners.

A safe and secure learning environment

At Precious Collections LLC, we believe that daily interaction in a caring environment is the key to successful development of children. Our highly trained and competent staff create a special bond with each child so that they quickly develop a sense of trust and security. Each classroom is filled with age-appropriate toys, books, and other educational material. We promote a successful learning environment through practical experiences and play. Besides, there are many aspects to our curriculum that makes use different from any average childcare provider.

Raise a happy child with Precious Collections LLC

We focus on providing an integrated curriculum where self-expression and imagination flourish. Parents looking for quality daycare and childcare in and around Rockledge, FL, will find all that they need at Precious Collections LLC. We are committed to keeping our services cost effective without any compromise on quality. Let us help you raise happy, healthy and responsible children.