We have been with precious collections for almost three years could not have picked a better place for our child’s safety and well being.He has learned a lot and developed social skills.The staff has been there a long time and is very professional and friendly! They are priced very reasonable and affordable .Our son just finished VPK he still wants to go and was always excited to to school,he would get mad if we picked him up too early! It was very assuring to leave our child and to have peace of mind all day that he was well taken care of !!! We have one more starting shortly wouldn’t go anywhere else !!!

The Vandoros Family

My daughter has attended Precious Collections since an infant, and this is the cleanest, most organized, caring daycare I have ever seen… My daughter loves and knows all her teachers and staff. Even when I go to the grocery store around every corner she’s saying, “Theirs my friend so and so…” and that makes me feel good. The out door play area is absolutely amazing, and not only have they taught her lot but me too and are always available to talk and offer suggestions when I have asked along the way!

Love them!M.M.

It seems that in various locations throughout the United States, there are small businesses that make a huge impact on an individual’s life. One such business is my son’s preschool, Precious Collections, located in Rockledge, FL. My wife and I arrived with our newborn son in Brevard County, FL in 2010 and after our son turned two years old we searched for the perfect place for childcare. After visiting a host of places throughout the county and still feeling somewhat apprehensive, we were informed about a great childcare place in Rockledge, FL called Precious Collections. In exactly one visit (interacting with the friendly and knowledgeable faculty and the staff) we knew (without a doubt) that this was the place that we wanted to enroll our child at. Needless to say, registering our child into Precious Collections has been one of the best and satisfying moves that we have made thus far….

The best thing about Precious Collections is that it is not your average run-of-the-mill child care facility where workers simply just watch your child until you come to pick them up. At this institution they actually have well-trained, certified, and experienced educators who “teach” and “enrich” the physical and mental well-being of your child, and your child benefits from the fun and rewarding activities that Precious Collections offers on a daily basis. The endearing staff at Precious Collections not only creates a special trustworthy bond with each and every child that they take care of, but also with the child’s parents as well. This point cannot be stressed enough, because each morning that we take our child to this wonderful establishment and leave him in the care of their remarkable staff we honestly feel that it’s the same as if we were leaving him in the temporary care of one of our extended family members simply because of the incredible feeling of security, awareness, and love that they display towards our family when we go through the front doors.

Presently (after a year and a half), we are proud to say that our son is maturing extremely well into a happy and well-rounded toddler who loves to go to school, play with his friends, learn from his instructors, and surprises us practically every day with new things that he has learned at Precious Collections. It’s also pleasant for us as parents by having peace-of-mind when he is at that facility, for it allows us to focus on our other commitments throughout the day. We would recommend Precious Collections to any parent or parents looking for quality, fun, and affordable childcare which will make a positive, notable, and significant impact on not just your child’s life, but your family’s life.

The Burke Family

My son has been going to Precious Collections for nearly 5 years! The staff is truly like family! Their VPK program is outstanding! He has learned so much over the years! I highly recommend if are looking for a trustworthy, worry free, friendly caring and educational atmosphere!

Gray Family

Nurturing Environment
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July 02, 2013


Our son attended Precious Collections for 2 years. Our experience at PC has been above and beyond what we ever expected or have had in a preschool. The teachers provide a rich nurturing environment filled with structure, music, rhymes, art, circle time and more. They also take a personal approach to developing each child’s learning skills. They go out of their way to make sure the children are well-adjusted and ready to attend kindergarten. We were blessed to have them and highly recommend them to all of our friends.