Summer Care up to Age 8

Precious Collections goes a step further to offer a summer care camp for children up to 8 years. Our summer care programs include plenty of activities that combine education and entertainment. From wildlife to technology, art and craft, and exploring mysteries of the world, rest assured our summer care will have a positive effect on your child’s development.  You can always count on us to provide your children with the best possible care and affection they deserve. We conduct a variety of unique summer care curriculums where each child can discover their creativity, abilities and natural aptitudes. A happy, healthy, and independent child is what you can expect once you entrust your little one in our care.

We open the doors to quality edutainment

Our summer care services aren’t just about learning. All the discovery and exploration your will experience comes with a lot of fun. Our teachers work collectively to develop a curriculum that makes the most of the season with vast opportunities for the children to explore everything from nature to art, music, and other activities that are developmentally appropriate and fun, without any compromise on safety. At Precious Collections we adapt the curriculum to suit every age group up to 8 years.

A safe and exciting summer for your child

If you wish to ensure that your child has a memorable and exciting summer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We understand how important it is for you as a busy parent to entrust your child in the best possible care. Undoubtedly, you won’t find an enriching atmosphere as you would at Precious Collections LLC. Whether it’s supervised activities, child-directed play, or even just simple learning, we offer all this and more in safe, friendly, and healthy environment. We guarantee you will take home a happy child by the end of the day.