Classroom Monitoring

Your child is most precious to us. At Precious Collections we meet the highest standards of safety and security both indoors and outdoors. Our playground and other facilities are designed with every child’s safety in mind. Our classrooms are closely monitored both from the point of view of safety and to constantly improve our learning methods. At Precious Collections, we place as much emphasis on security and safety as we do on our learning processes. Spacious classrooms, safe playgrounds, and high quality learning materials combine to create the ultimate child-friendly environment.

We take pride in offering a secure and healthy environment for every child. Our system is designed to allow our staff instant access to essential information of your child. This includes medical information, arrival and departure times, verification of person/s authorized to drop off and pick up your child, and more. Every classroom is well equipped with security apparatus and observation windows to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to our facilities.

Precious Collections LLC is dedicated to offering safe and reliable child monitoring services where we record all interactions between children in order to help them build healthy relationships and adapt to various environments with the least amount of stress.  Our trained monitors have the expertise to attentively observe and record interactions between children with personal or interpersonal issues.  We remain committed to being a leader in child care and education where we can explore every child’s learning potential to the maximum and enhance their quality of life. To ensure that your child is cared for in the safest and healthiest possible environment, get in touch with us today. Our doors are always open to you. Rest assured, you will enter the safest and nurturing environment for your child.